Hygienically Wrapped Paper Straws

Hygienically Wrapped Paper Straws

Following the success of EnviroWare’s® Wrapped Wooden Cutlery range last year, we are expanding our range of hygienically wrapped foodservice disposables.

Celebration has recently invested in the installation of a new Wrapping Machine. As a result, a new range of Individually Wrapped Paper Straws is now available.

Individually wrapped paper straws in white paper wrapper
Selection of Enviroware® Individually wrapped paper drinking straws.

About EnviroWare® Wrapped Paper Straws

Sustainable FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) paper straws and their white paper wrappers are free from any coating or wax, making them recyclable. Furthermore, Paper straws are Din Certco Seedling certified (7P0818) as being commercially compostable. Made from high-quality, thick gauge paper, these sturdy straws will not collapse or go soggy in drinks. Also, the drinking straws are Vegetarian Society approved!

Straw types

The stock range of wrapped paper straws will include standard length straws and jumbo straws. Colours include – black, white and red & white stripe.

PSB19764WRWP197mm Standard Wrapped Paper Straw – Black6mm dia x 197mm long250 bag x 16
PSB23083WRWP230mm Jumbo Wrapped Paper Straw – Black8mm dia x 230mm long100 bag x 10
PSST19764WRWP197mm Standard Wrapped Paper Straw – Red & White Stripe6mm dia x 197mm long250 bag x 16
PSST23083WRWP230mm Jumbo Wrapped Paper Straw – Red & White Stripe8mm dia x 230mm long100 bag x 10
PSW19764WRWP197mm Standard Wrapped Paper Straw – White6mm dia x 197mm long250 bag x 16
PSW23083WRWP230mm Jumbo Wrapped Paper Straw – White8mm dia x 230mm long100 bag x 10