Plastic Food Containers

A selection of plastic food containers with either separate or hinged lids. For cold prepared salads and deli foods. Different sizes, shapes and materials available to suit your needs.

Clear Plastic Salad Container

RPET Hinged Salad Containers

Made from clear recycled PET plastic, the style and clarity of these containers make them ideal for optimising food presentation. These sturdy food containers have a hinged lid that snaps on to the moulded base creating a secure seal, assiting safe transportation of the prepared food. Designed to be stackable to maximise shelf space. Available in a range of sizes from 150mm to 2000ml capacities – they are ideal for packaging a multitude of cold foods to go. Great for salads, desserts and cakes. 

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Clear PET Deli Alur Containers

Round deli containers made from clear PET Plastic.  These containers have a separate base and lid. Suitable for cold foods such as ice-creams, desserts, prepared fruit or deli items. One lid fits both 12oz and 16oz pots.

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RPET Round Bowls and PET Lids

Black or clear RPET (recycled) plastic bowls & lids provide optimum presentation for cold food-to-go. Two sizes available, 500ml bowls for single servings & 1000ml bowls for sharing portions. Crystal clear domed lids enable food to be viewed & provide a large flat surface for labelling. Plastic lids “snap on” to the bases for a secure leak-free seal to promote freshness and safe transportation.

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Clear PS Showcase Containers

Clear Showcase plastic containers are suited to packaging cold foods such as salads, deli foods and baked goods. Hinged or separate lids secure with a snap on fit to maintain freshness.  The extended range includes 2-compartment nacho trays, 3-compartment food trays and 6 cup cake clamshells.

Caterline Containers

At 26cm diameter, large 64oz black plastic salad containers are perfect for presenting a sharing salad in the middle of a dining table.  In the same range, the smaller 7oz container and lid is suitable for salads-to-go.  

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