Plastic Cutlery

whether you are looking for that extra special touch of luxury or simply  cost effective plastic cutlery that still retains the attributes of excellence and strength… Celebration has a range to suit every requirement and budget.  We stock a variety of specialist cutlery including EcoTensil® EcoSpoon, folding forks and mini cutlery.

Single-use plastic cutlery will be banned across the UK from 1st October.  Contact us for low prices on remaining stock.

See our compliant eco-friendly alternatives… Enviroware Curtlery.

Plastic Cutlery

PS Premiumware Full Length Heavyweight Plastic Cutlery

Our best quality, heavyweight cutlery is available in three colour options – black, sandalwood and clear.

PS Mediumweight Plastic Cutlery

Medium weight cutlery in two colour options – black or clear PS plastic.

EcoTensil® EcoSpoon

Paper EcoSpoons are an innovative alternative to plastic single use cutlery. Made from strong paperboard with a PE film lining, they can be used as sampling spoons, whilst robust enough to eat a full serving of food with.

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