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Paper Food Containers

PE lined paper food containers are extremely versatile. They are great for serving winter favourites such as hot soups and pasta or even porridge to customers eating breakfast on the go. The same round paper food containers can be used to serve portions of ice cream, yoghurts and fresh fruit salads in summer months.  We also offer rectangular kraft box food containers. Ideal for packaging a lunch-to-go.  

Clear Plastic Salad Container

Kraft Box Food Containers

Kraft Box Food Containers are made brown paper with a PE coating. The convenient ‘one piece’ design is ideal for individual meals on-the-go. The carton is microwaveable with a moderate heat tolerance; it retains heat and vents steam keeping food fresh. A range of sizes are available.

Kraft PE Lined Soup Containers

Kraft PE Lined Soup Containers are made from brown paperboard with a PE lining. The design gives rigidity to the container whilst the PE lining creates a leak resistant barrier. Use the containers for your foods-to-go by adding a Kraft paper board lid or PP plastic clear lid.

White Double PE Lined Soup Containers

Our white paperboard food containers have a PE plastic lining both inside and outside. This double lining means that the pots can be used for storing chilled or frozen foods, such as ice cream, without the paper going soggy!  Lids are available in matching white paperboard or clear PP plastic. 

White Paper Food Containers & Black plastic lid Combi Pack

Our white paperboard food containers have a double PE plastic lining making them suitable for wet or dry foods. Supplied in combi packs each containing 250 of the containers and 250 black PS (polystyrene) plastic lids. The lids have a steam vent, making this packaging idea for hot foods such as soup, pasta, strews and porridge.

Brown Ripple PE Lined Food Containers

Brown ripple wrap food containers are perfect for soups and piping hot winter warming foods. A corrugated paper outer acts as a heat barrier, making the containers comfortable to hold. One size plastic lid fits all containers. 

Kraft Half Sandwich Pack

Our kraft half sandwich wedge accommodates a diagonal cut sandwich. Made from kraft natural brown coloured card with a clear plastic film window.  Plenty of space for labelling. Easy to assemble one-piece construction. 

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