Microwavable Food Containers

Our microwavable food containers and lids are made from PP (polypropylene) plastic.  This material is strong, durable and has a high temperature tolerance. Some products in the range, such as Versa2go® food containers can be reused many times over.  Our microwavable food containers are often used for packaging home meal replacements.  The plastic containers with secure lids enable prepared meals to be delivered to the customer safely; then stored and reheated as required.   


Clearview™ MealMaster™ Containers

ClearView MealMaster Containers & Lids give operators everything they have come to expect in take-away containers and a great deal more. Including – a sturdy & stackable design, leak resistant closures and suitability for reheating in microwave ovens.
Suitable for microwave reheating up to a temperature of 121°C. One lid fits all three container sizes, simplifying stock control for kitchens using more than one size. 

Please email or call us for wholesale pricing.  You can also buy now on packagingfood2go.co.uk

Versa2Go® Reusable Containers

Featuring a unique matt finish, these leak resistant containers are a sustainable solution for all your delivery and take out needs. Made from durable Polypropylene plastic, both the containers and lids are designed to be reused time and time again. Perfect for microwave re-heating chilled foods at convenience and dishwasher safe (top rack).

Please email or call us for wholesale pricing.  You can also buy now on packagingfood2go.co.uk

Clear PP Rectangular Containers

Clear PP Rectangular Food Containers & Lids are heat tolerant, making them suitable for microwave reheating (please loosen lid before heating). The small dimensions of these pots make them popular for customers wanting to store and reheat sauces or small portions of food. Widely recyclable.

Clear PP Deli Containers

Clear PP Deli Containers & Lids are made from clear PP Plastic. Both container and lid are heat tolerant and therefore suitable for microwave use. These pots are ideal for packaging deli foods and prepared meals.  The secure fitting lid allows for the pots to be stacked at the sales display, whilst also keeping the food fresh. Microwaveable Deli Containers are available in a range of capacities, from 8floz to 32floz. A single flat lid fits every size. Widely recyclable.

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