The foam and plastic dinnerware ranges include various sizes of dinner plates and bowls to match. Clear dome lids are available to fit the foam dinnerware range; the addition of a lid allows for meals to be stacked, transported and to be taken away by the customer as a carry-out.

Plastic Plates

Milan® Plates

Milan Plates are made from high quality, PS (polystyrene) and are suitable for serving both hot & cold foods. The range of luxury plates inspired by Italian design provides a stylish yet versatile solution for presenting food at any occasion.

Impact Plates

Plastic Impact Plates & Bowls offer a convenient yet stylish method of displaying and serving a variety of food. Suitable for hot and cold foods, the plates & bowls come in a selection of sizes.

Foamware Plates & Bowls

Laminated Foam Dinnerware is made from Polystyrene (PS). The range consists of matching dinnerware from bowls to plates and platters. The availability of clear dome lids to fit the laminated foam range makes it a versatile product suitable for all events.

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