Off the shelf food service products including:
Drink cups, food containers, platters, cutlery & more.

Why SolutionWare?

About SolutionWare

Our SolutionWare brand name may be new, but we have been supplying innovative catering disposables since the early 90’s.
Wide product range
Large UK stock holding
Sourcing specialists
SolutionWare Clear Plastic Cold Drink Cups and Lids
Design & Print
RippleWrap Paper Hot Drink Cups with custom print
Why SolutionWare?
Many SolutionWare products can be custom printed to promote your brand.
SolutionWare by Celebration

SolutionWare foodservice packaging and disposables are aimed at the food-to-go sector. 

The range includes staple products readily used in the industry, such as plastic food containers, paper hot drink cups and portion pots.  We’ve also introduced many  innovative products to the UK. For instance CaterPlate® all-in-one, Versa2go reusable food containers and EcoSpoon. 

Our aim is to bring you high quality products at competitive prices.        

SolutionWare plastic platters and trays
Why use our products?
Quality and Reliability

Packaging materials have evolved in the 37 years we have been in business. Over this time our range has grown extensively.

We work with numerous manufacturers all over the world and only choose those that can meet our exacting standards. Endorsed by our BRC and ISO accreditation, as we will never compromise on product or service quality.

We hold large quantities of stock, but for larger volume orders we can arrange shipment directly from the manufacturer.

Celebration Packaging Limited's accreditations
CaterPlate by Celebration

We offer everything from plastic drink cups to tissue coasters, along with innovative and unique products such as Caterplate®. We’re always on the look out for new, exciting products to offer our customers.

Our Environment

Recycled Plastic (rPET)

rPET recycled plastic packaging has been introduced to SolutionWare recently. Products include hinged salad containers, salad bowls and clear cold drink cups.

This high quality material retains all the properties of virgin PET (Polyethylene terephthalate), such as crystal clarity, durability and resilience – it can also be recycled again after use.

SolutionWare rPET salad containers
Versa2go reusable containers in SolutionWare range

Reduce and reuse

Food packaging plays an important part in convenience and take away food offerings. Allowing it it be transported safely without spillages and maintaining the foods quality and freshness. Some plastic packaging such as polypropylene Versa2Go containers can also be reused at home to store leftover foods therefore reducing food waste.
The cycle starts again, by recycling our packaging


Materials accepted for recycling varies from area to area in England. Recycle Now provides a useful online tool to check your options for local recycling. Recycle Now is the national recycling campaign for England, supported and funded by Government, managed by WRAP and used locally by over 90% of English authorities.
“We’re here to help people to recycle more things, more often. More than six out of ten of us now describe ourselves as committed recyclers, compared to less than half when the campaign began in 2004.” Recycle Now 2020
clear plastic rectangular salad containers
It’s essential that we lead the conversation on responsible use and disposal.
ISO 14001 Certification renewal

ISO 14001 Certification renewal

Celebration is pleased to announce that our ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management has been renewed to the latest standards. Celebration aims to reduce the business's environmental impact as much as possible. Our efforts include sustainable sourcing,...

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