9/12/16/20oz Clear PET Raised Flat Combi Lids

Raised flat lid for our combination pots. Designed to keep two ingredients separate.

Compatible with our 92mm diameter cups including – 9oz, 12-14oz, and 20oz sizes. Fill one of these cups with your main ingredient.

Make sure enough empty space is left at the top of the cup for either a 3.25oz Portion Pot (XPET325) or 4oz Portion Pot (XPET400), to sit inside the top of the cup.  Once filled with a sauce or dressing, the portion pot clips inside the lid. Then the lid, with portion pot inside, can be fitted securely to the cup.

9oz and 12-14oz cups combination cups are perfect for using as cheese cake pots, fruit cups, vegetable crudites with dip or dessert pots.

20oz combination cups with portion pots are perfect for using as salad shakers.

Thinking of buying a single case?  Then you can now order Celebrations combination pot, cup and lid range from packagingfood2go.co.uk.


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Dimensions 97 × 97 × 25 mm
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Qty per Inner






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