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26floz Oval Bowl

26floz Oval Bagasse Bowl.  Sometimes referred to as “burrito bowls”, because they are popular for serving takeaways of the Mexican dish. The larger of the two sizes available, this bagasse bowl is 236 long × 167 wide × 40 mm deep, with a 740ml capacity. Made from sugarcane fibre, which is an abundant and fast growing resource.  After use, bagasse bowls are suitable for commercial composting.  Approved by Din Certo (7P0471) for products made from compostable materials, therefore complying with DIN EN 13432:2000-12 standards. Bagasse bowls are a good alternative to foam products, as they have a much lower impact of the environment.

Clear plastic lids are available to fit the 26floz Oval Bagasse Bowl, code PETL065B. Whilst these aren’t compostable, they can be recycled.

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Dimensions 236 × 167 × 40 mm
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