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500/750/1000ml Kraft PLA Lined Board Lids w/ hole

Kraft PLA Lined Board Lid With Hole for 500ml, 750ml and 1000ml kraft large food containers. Part of the EnviroWare range these lids are made from brown kraft paper lined with PLA (plant starch).  Kraft paperboard lids can be used with hot foods. This is due to vent holes which allow hot steam to escape the containers. All lids fit securely, therefore helping to protect food and aid safe transportation. Kraft hot food containers with lids, can be used for takeaway meals and streetfood. Both containers and their lids, can be commercially composted with food waste after use. Compatible with 500ml (KPLASALAD500), 750ml (KPLASALAD750), and 1000ml (KPLASALAD1000) Kraft PLA Lined Salad Containers. Lids are sold separately to bases, in cases of 300.

Thinking of buying a single case? You can order online from?packagingfood2go.co.uk

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Dimensions 151 × 151 × 19 mm
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Paperboard with PLA Lining



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