Printed food containers

As food packaging specialists, Celebration are able to assist you in creating bespoke packaging solutions. 

Subject to minimum order volumes we can develop food packaging to a specific size, colour, material and add branding.  

printed soup containers

Printed Round Paper Food Containers

Celebration stock a wide variety of food containers, many of which can be branded with a 1 or 2 spot colour logo.

We offer short print runs starting from 1 case of product, typically 500 or 1000 pieces. Printed food containers are often used for ice cream, desserts & soups.

Perfect for takeaways, street food stalls and event catering. 

Printed Round Plastic Food Containers

 Our clear round deli containers and portion pots are available custom printed with a 1 or 2 spot colour logo using Pantone® matched ink.

Perfect for takeaways, street food stalls, event catering and when giving away food samples. 

Embossed Plastic Lids for Food Containers

Celebration stocks a wide range of food container lids, but we can also offer lids to the customers’ exact requirements. 

Case study

When a major UK theme park launched an innovative restaurant where food travelled to diners by mini rollercoaster track – they needed to source secure lids to keep meals safe and hygienic, whilst on their journey!  Our solution – reusable PP plastic lids, made to measure, fitting the attractions existing containers perfectly. As a finishing touch, the lids were designed with the restaurants logo, embossed into the lids.

Reusable Pre-Portion Containers

Case study

Celebration were recently approached by a major high street food chain seeking a packaging solution.  They required food containers which could be used for storing and reheating portions of food in their busy kitchens. It was important that the containers were designed to be reused many times to avoid packaging waste. Of course the containers also needed to be practical and easy to clean. As a result – two sizes of highly durable polypropylene (PP) food containers were developed. Polypropylene will tolerate a high range of temperatures, therefore whilst the containers are suitable for freezing they are also dishwasher safe (top rack only) for hassle free cleaning.  Once filled with a controlled portion of a side dish, the containers are refrigerated until required.  It can then be conveniently microwave reheated. 200ml round and 200ml rectangular food containers were custom made for the restaurant chains.  These were embossed with the customers branding and usage instructions for kitchen staff. Custom sizes, shapes and embossing is possible to suit customers requirements.

We now stock a range of generic Reusable hinged-lid food containers.


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