Place Mats & Trayliners

Whether plain white or custom printed, our range of Disposable Place Mats & Tray Liners will help to protect trays & table tops, whilst promoting hygiene and saving on laundry costs.   We offer a range of different papers to ensure we can offer you the best suited specification to meet your requirements.

Absorbent and  Linen embossed paper are popular choices for restaurant place mats and hotel tray liners, the latter has a polythene backing to prevent moisture from soaking through to the underside.

Non slip paper tray liners and place mats are often used within the transport sector, as they are practical for use on trains, aircraft and ferries.


Non Slip Place Mats & Trayliners

Made from 80gsm non slip paper which is coated with a non-skid layer, this 1-ply material is ideal for mats used in the travel industry.

We have tooling available to offer non slip liners in many different shapes and sizes.

This anti-skid paper can be printed in 1 to 4 spot colours.

Absorbent Place Mats & Trayliners

Disposable 85gsm white absorbent paper tray liners and place mats can be produced in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Absorbent paper tray liners can be printed in 1 to 4 spot colours.

Linen Embossed Paper Trayliners

85gsm white paper with a linen embossed effect to the surface.

This paper can be printed with a 1 to 3 spot colour logo or a simple 4 colour process logo.

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