Disposable Bibs

Help protect your customers clothing by offering bibs for both babies and adults.

Celebration bibs are manufactured from a very soft absorbent paper laminated to a plastic backing that prevents liquid seeping through.

Why not turn an item which is both fun and practical into an eye-catching statement? Custom printing in 1 to 5 colours offers countless possibilities in terms of design and is an interesting medium to promote your brand.

Alternatively, plain white adult & baby bibs can be supplied ex-stock in standard sizes.

Disposable Bibs

Ink Printed Baby Bibs

Celebrations disposable baby bibs are ideal for use in family friendly restaurants. Made from highly absorbent white airlaid paper, laminated to a white polythene backing to stop spillages from seeping through onto clothing.

Our standard design is 320 x 200mm with a swirl neck fastening, keeping the bib secure yet safe for little ones. The baby bibs can be custom printed in 1,2,3,4 or 5 spot colours.  Plain white baby bibs are available as a stock item.

Ink Printed Adult Bibs

Adult bibs have long had a place in adult care and dental practices.  They are becoming ever increasingly popular with restaurants specialising in foods such as barbecued ribs and seafood restaurants serving lobster, helping to protect customers clothes. 

Our standard design is 580 x 380mm with an easy to wear swirl neck fastening.  Adult sized  bibs can be custom printed in 1,2,3,4 or 5 spot colours.  Plain white adult bibs are available as a stock item.

Digitally Printed Adult Bibs

Adult sized bibs can be digitally printed with a 4 colour process, photo real image.  This recent advancement means there are virtually no design limitations.  With very low print runs, these bibs are appealing for use at parties and wedding receptions. 


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