Packaging for winter foods-to-go

Nov 9, 2020News

Colder weather is setting in, our hats, gloves and scarves are brought out once more and eating habits change as we seek out warming, comforting foods.  Piping hot soups and hearty stews are back on the menu and could be more popular than ever, as due to covid restrictions many of us will be spending more time outdoors with family and friends. 

Celebration offers many types of takeaway round paper food container –  commercially compostable containers from the EnviroWare® range and PE plastic lined containers from the SolutionWare range.  Lids are available for all sizes of container, some supplied separately or as part of  a convenient combination box containing equal numbers of containers and lids.

For customers wanting branded packaging – we also offer custom printing on many of these food container ranges.  Please contact our sales office on 01283 538259 to discuss your requirements further or email

Pre-Chistmas Order Deadlines

We’d like to inform you of our last order dates to ensure

pre-Christmas delivery of stock:

UK deliveries – Wednesday 13th December

Overseas deliveries – Monday 4th December

Last order dates are for guidance only and are subject to stock availability.

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