Takeaway Food Containers

As specialists in food packaging – we offer takeaway food containers in many different formats. EnviroWare® eco-friendly options include clamshell food boxes with hinged lids, lunch boxes with compartments and simple food trays.

Compostable bagasse hinged food box

Bagasse Hinged Food Boxes

Hinged food boxes can be used in cold cabinets as well as microwaves. Water resistant to 100°c & oil resistant to 150°c they are perfect for take-aways and fast-food. We have lots of sizes on offer including small and medium burger boxes, long-length fish & chip boxes and boxes with compartments. Made from natural bagasse (pulped sugarcane fibers), making these takeaway boxes commercially compostable.

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Leakproof Bagasse Food Containers

Natural brown coloured round bowls and rectangular food boxes with matching bagasse lids. Snap-fit lids create a leakproof seal preventing liquids and sauces from escaping the food containers. Bases and lids are designed with an interlocking stacking feature, so multiple packages of food can be stacked and carried with ease.  Freezer safe and suitable for microwave reheating foods (loosen the lid before reheating). 

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Leakproof Rectangular Food Trays

Three sizes of bagasse tray & lid for takeaway foods. One lid fits all three sizes and creates a virtually leakproof seal to prevent sauces from escaping.  The bagasse food trays and lids are stackable, freezer safe and suitable for microwave reheating. 

Bagasse Food Containers

Food boxes with separate clear lids, ideal for packaging take-away meals. The tray itself is made from natural non-wood (bagasse) fibers and is commercially compostable.
Clear/ translucent snap fit lids lids (made from PP plastic – not compostable) allow for the contents of the container to be seen.

Please email or call us for wholesale pricing.  You can also buy now on packagingfood2go.co.uk

Bagasse Food Trays

Bagasse Food Trays are made from a natural material from non-wood fibers such as sugarcane. Also know as “chip trays”, they are an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional polystyrene packaging which is bad for the environment.

There are 4 sizes of food tray available to suit a range of portion sizes.  Ideal for many kinds of food-to-go and streetfoods.

Please email or call us for wholesale pricing.  You can also buy now on packagingfood2go.co.uk

Folia Takeaway Food Boxes

These innovative food containers feature fold-in side flaps that help to prevent spills.  Designed with tear away compartments which are handy for holding condiment sachets and cutlery. Perfect for fast foods, pre-packed lunches and QSR (Quick Serve Restaurants).

Kraft Paper Food Trays
Plain Kraft Brown Paper Food Trays are available in a range of sizes from ¼ lb to 3lb. Made from unbleached natural Kraft paper making them commercially compostable. Suitable for hot or cold dry foods, these trays are ideal for food on the go and are a popular choice for serving street foods.
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