Portion Pots

 Enviroware® compostable portion pots have many applications. Whether it be for sampling foods or dispensing small portions of foods, condiments and sauces.

We provide 3 material options – paper, bagasse non-wood fibre and clear PLA from plant starch. All of which are renewable and sustainable.

Enviroware compostable portion pots and lids

Clear PLA Portion Pots & Lids

PLA Portion Pots are available in 4 sizes ranging from 1floz to 4floz.  An optional snug fitting lid helps to prevent spillages and leaks whilst reducing the risk of cross contamination. PLA portion pots are ideal for serving individual portions of sauces, dips and dressings.

Made from Clear PLA (polylactic acid – plant starch), once used, they are suitable for commercial composting. 

Bagasse Portion Pots & Lids

Our natural cream coloured pots are available in 2oz and 4oz capacity with lids to fit.  Servings of sauces and dips in Enviroware® compostable portion pots would compliment food packaged in bagasse food containers or plated on bagasse dinnerware.  The bagasse material comes from non-wood fibers. This is mostly sugarcane, a sustainable and annually renewable resource.

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Paper Portion Pots in dispenser boxes

Disposable Paper Portion Pots are ideal for controlled servings of condiments such as sauces and dips.  The white paper pots work well in any culinary setting. Served up with fast foods, a plated meal or as part of a sharing platter. The design and shape ensure strength and stability. Supplied in dispenser boxes, each containing 250 pots.

Please email or call us for wholesale pricing.  You can also buy now on packagingfood2go.co.uk

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