Naturals Kraft Plates

Naturals strong disposable plates are very sturdy; perfect for use when catering for events or for use at buffets.

Made from heavyweight 3-ply unbleached corrugated board, Naturals plates offer superior strength over regular paper plates.


Naturals Kraft Paper Plates

Natural brown in colour,  kraft paper plates are coated with an aqueous, water-based, food grade lining – making them leakproof and grease resistant.

The paperboard used to make naturals plates is sourced from Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified paper mills.

No plastic film or wax coating is used in the manufacture of these plates, therefore they can
be repulped and recycled.

Tested, proven, and certified recyclable by the Fibre Box Association and the Corrugated Packaging Alliance.

Key Features

– Superior Strength

– Made from natural resources

– Suitable for hot or cold foods

– Cut resistant and leak resistant

– Microwavable

– Recyclable

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