Plates platters and bowls

We have a large selection of plates, platters and bowls available. Made from natural, sustainable resources – predominantly bagasse from sugar cane fibres and also from palmleaves.

Bagasse plates and bagasse bowls

Bagasse Plates and Platters

Our eco-friendly, Enviroware bagasse plates and platters come in a range of shapes and sizes. Made from natural sugar cane fibres (bagasse), they are commercially compostable. Perfect for hot or cold, dry foods.

Bagasse Square Plates and PET Lids

Eco-friendly and stylish.  Bagasse Square Plates are available with clear PET plastic lids to cover and protect food. The plates are made from natural non wood fibres (bagasse). 

Bagasse Bowls and PET Lids

We offer eco-friendly bagasse bowls in round or oval shapes. We sometimes refer to the oval kind as “burrito bowls”, because they are popular for serving the Mexican dish. Clear recyclable plastic lids are available to fit oval bagasse bowls. Enviroware bagasse bowls are suitable for serving hot or cold, dry foods.

Regalia Food Trays

Regalia™ trays are a strong, grease and cut resistant alternative to traditional plastic serving trays.
The food trays are made from sugarcane fibres, a non-wood and rapidly renewable resource. This eco-friendly material is referred to as “bagasse”.

Clear lids are available, made from a plant based plastic (Ingeo™ PLA).  Both tray and lid are suitable for commercial composting.

Naturals Kraft Paperboard Plates

Naturals plates are made from heavyweight 3-ply unbleached corrugated board, giving them superior strength over regular paper plates. Ideal for use when catering for events or for buffet foods. Raw materials sourced from Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified paper mills

Palm Leaf Plates and Bowls

Palm leaf plates and bowls are made from fallen leaves from the Adaka nut palm.  The leaves are cleaned then cut and moulded into one of the many styles available. They are heat treated to ensure they retain shape and sturdiness. Due to the use of natural leaves, the colour and texture of each item will vary slightly, making it unique.

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