Paper Hot Drink Cups & Accessories

Compostable Cups by EnviroWare® for takeaway coffee & hot drinks. Made from sustainably sourced paper. All EnviroWare® paper hot drink cups are commercially compostable, due to a PLA plant based moisture barrier. We hold a selection of eco-themed stock designs perfect for all types of takeaway hot drinks.  Lids are available separately. 

Want to be unique? Head over to our PrintPac section for details on Custom printed compostable cups. 

Compostable paper hot drink cups

Single Wall Leaf 2 Hot Drink Cups

Single Wall Paper Cups in EnviroWares® standard design which is white with a green Leaf 2 logo. Paper cups are available in most popular sizes for takeaway hot drinks. Including 8 fl oz, 12 fl oz and 16 fl oz capacities.

EnviroWare® single wall cups are lined with PLA (plant starch) making them commercially compostable.  Certified by Din Certco, with the seedling logo present on the white stock design.  Stock design cups also include the words – “sustainable, renewable, compostable” – making their eco-credentials clear.

Sip through lids can be purchased separately. Lid options include CPLA (plant starch) compostable lids or PS Plastic lids.

Double Wall Leaf 2 Hot Drink Cups

Double Wall Paper Hot Drink Cups in EnviroWares® Leaf 2 Stock Design.  Featuring a double paper wall, providing superior heat insulation and hand comfort. Leaf 2 paper cups are certified commercially compostable, by Din Certco.  Leaf 2 cups feature Din Certco’s seedling logo. In addition, the stock design is printed with the words “sustainable, renewable, compostable”. Available in 12 oz capacity, popular for regular takeaway hot drinks.

Single Wall Ecotainer™ Hot Drink Cups

Ecotainer™ Paper Hot Drink Cups are made using Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified paper.  They were the first commercially available hot cup to use a compostable PLA plant based lining rather than oil-based plastic.

Commercially compostable,  Ecotainer™ hot drink cups reduce our environmental impact whilst providing all the functionality of traditional paper cups. Various lid options are available for these eco paper cups.  Choose from black or white PS plastic or  commercially compostable CPLA lids (made from plant starch). 

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