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Hot Drink Cups and Accessories

Our range of Paper Hot Drink Cups are made from sustainably sourced paperboard. All paper cups in this range are compostable, due to a PLA plant based moisture barrier. We hold a selection of stock design cups and lids to fit.  

Single Wall Leaf 2 Hot Drink Cups

Available in 8, 12 and 16 fl oz capacities – with optional CPLA compostable or PS Plastic lids. The PLA lined paper hot drink cups are certified compostable by Din Certco.  This accreditation logo is present in our white stock design along with a few key words making their eco-credentials clear – “sustainable, renewable, compostable”.

Double Wall Leaf 2 Hot Drink Cups

Double Wall Leaf 2 Hot Drink Cups are twice the thickness of standard paper cups. Double wall cups provide optimal heat insulation and hand comfort. Leaf 2 paper cups are certified commercially compostable, by Din Certco.  Leaf 2 cups feature Din Certco’s seedling logo. In addition, the stock design is printed with the words “sustainable, renewable, compostable”.

Single Wall Ecotainer™ Hot Drink Cups

Ecotainer™Paper Hot Drink Cups are made using Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified paper.  They were the first commercially available hot cup to use a compostable PLA plant based lining rather than oil-based plastic. Commerically compostable, the Ecotainer hot drink cup reduces our environmental impact while providing all the functionality of a standard cup.

I Am Eco™ Ripple Hot Drink Cups

I am eco™ paper hot drink cups are made with a bio-film lining and are are 100% commercially compostable.  The compostable cups feature a ripple wrap exterior which helps to keep drinks hot whilst and hands cool. Sipper domed lids are available for each size.  Lids are available in plastic (not compostable) or CPLA (Made from plant starch, therefore compostable). 

Bagasse Drink Cups

These versatile drinking cups are suitable for hot or cold beverages. The cups are made from bagasse which gives them a natural white colour with a textured outer wall.  Bagasse is a natural material made from non wood fibers such as sugarcane.

Cup Carriers

Card cup carriers have a strong rigid design, allowing multiple drinks cups to be carried safely. These natural brown card carriers are compatible with many sizes of hot or cold disposable drink cups. They are supplied flat packed to save storage space.  A central perforation allows you to assemble them as either a 2 or 4 cup carrier.

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