PLA Food Containers & Lids

PLA Food containers and lids. Made from clear PLA / polylactic acid (plant starch).

Secure fitting lids are available, making them a good choice for packaging cold foods such as deli items, salads and desserts.

These disposable food containers are commercially compostable.  

Clear PLA compostable salad containers and lids round bowls

PLA Deli / Salad Containers & Lids

Enviroware® PLA Food Containers are made from PLA (plant starch). Suitable for cold foods such as salads, confectionery or deli foods.

These disposable food containers are crystal clear, strong and durable. A wide range of sizes are available, ranging from 8oz up to 33oz.

Secure fitting lids available for each size of container.  PLA food containers are commercially compostable after use. 

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