Food Containers & Lids

Paper Food Containers can be used for hot or cold foods-to-go.  They are a popular option when serving takeaway soups, stews or breakfast items such as porridge.

Our clear PLA (plant starch) deli food containers and lids come in a variety of sizes. Secure fitting lids mean they make a good choice for packaging cold foods such as deli items, salads and desserts.

White round compostable paper food container

Leaf 2 White Paper Food Containers

Our 8, 12 & 16oz white & green food containers incorporate the words “sustainable, renewable and compostable” in the stock design. Ensuring that your consumers are aware of the containers eco-friendly credentials.

CPLA compostable vented lids are available to fit all three sizes.  A PP plastic recyclable lid is available for the 12 and 16oz.

Celebration also offer matching Leaf 2 design single wall paper hot drink cups.

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Leaf 2 Kraft Paper Food Containers

Leaf 2 kraft paper food containers come in 8, 12 & 16oz capacities. The brown board containers are printed “sustainable, renewable and compostable”, ensuring consumers are aware of the provenance. A matching kraft brown paperboard lid is available to fit all sizes. PP plastic (not compostable, but recyclable) vented lids are also available.

Kraft PLA Lined Soup Containers

Our plain, brown soup containers and lids are made from unbleached paperboard.  Lined with a PLA (plant starch) film moisture barrier they are perfect for soups, pasta, chilli and many other hot / wet foods to go. Available in 8oz, 12oz, 16oz and 26oz sizes with a matching kraft vented lid to fit every container. 

Large Kraft PLA Lined Containers

Kraft PLA Lined Food Containers are a popular choice for packaging hot or cold meals.  Made from natural brown kraft paperboard, featuring a PLA (plant starch) lining to help prevent leaks.

These versatile food containers have two lid options. Clear PLA lids are perfect for cold foods such as salads. Kraft paperboard lids are suited to hot foods as the vent holes allow steam to escape. All lids fit securely, protecting food and aiding safe transportation.  Ideal for serving street foods and fusion foods.

Suitable for commercial composting.

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PLA Deli / Salad Containers & Lids

Enviroware® PLA Deli / Salad Containers are made from PLA (plant starch). Suitable for cold foods such as salads, confectionery or deli foods.These compostable containers are crystal clear, strong and durable. A wide range of sizes are available, ranging from 8floz up to 33floz. Secure fitting lids available for each size of container. 

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