EcoTensil Tasting Spoons

EcoTensil® is the global pioneer in sustainable paperboard utensils and is considered the gold standard for non-plastic sampling. EcoTensil® has sold hundreds of millions of its paperboard utensils over the last decade.

Consumers and brand teams love EcoTensil® not only because it is highly functional, sturdy, fun and pleasing to use, it is intuitively much more sustainable than plastic.  


Compostable Tasting spoons


GreenDot EcoTaster tasting spoons are made from silky-smooth paperboard and are plastic-free.  

Manufactured by EcoTensil®, who estimate that producing these ergonomic tasting spoons, requires 50-80% less raw materials compared with plastic or wooden alternatives.

A huge benefit of EcoTasters over plastic spoons and sample cups, is that the flat design takes up very little storage space. Consequently used EcoTaster spoons create less waste. 

 Bamboo Dispensers are available, providing neat presentation on the counter top.


EcoTensil® EcoTaster GreenDot range:

Key Features


– Made from strong smooth paperboard
– Takes up little storage space
– Uses 50-80% less material than plastic or wood utensils
– Green dot products are compostable
– Made from FSC® paper from sustainably managed forests
– Bamboo dispensers available to neat presentation


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