Compostable Cutlery

Combine our compostable cutlery with EnviroWare® dinnerware to complete the eco-friendly place setting. EnviroWare® disposable cutlery options include sustainable wood, paper and bagasse sugarcane fibre. 

Paper cutlery alternative to plastic cutlery

Wooden Cutlery

Our Wooden Cutlery is made from high quality sustainable birch wood from FSC®(Forest Stewardship Council®) certified sources.

The products are 100% natural – with no added coating or chemicals, making them commercially compostable. The Enviroware® range includes wooden knives, wooden forks and wooden spoons in standard or medium lengths.  We supply specialist cutlery, including wooden ice cream spades and wooden chip forks.

Also available, waxed spoons, sporks and ice cream spades.  Treated with a wax coating for an extra smooth finish, with improved hand and mouth feel.

Wrapped Wooden Cutlery

Our wooden cutlery is now available hygienically wrapped. Our stock range includes individually wrapped knives, forks, spoons and small spoons as well as a meal kit containing a knife, fork, spoon and 22cm square brown paper napkin. All items, including the unbleached kraft
paper wrapping are plastic-free and uncoated, allowing them to be composted after use. The range is certified by FSC® (Forest stewardship Council®) as coming from sustainable sources.

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Wooden Cutlery Dispensers

Wooden Cutlery Dispensers filled with premium wooden single-use cutlery – the world’s most hygienic zero touch dispenser. Users have zero contact with the cutlery when filling or using the dispenser. There are no levers or buttons to press – simply pull the cutlery handle from the dispenser.

Disposable cutlery dispensers prevent wastage, as customers only pick what they’re going to use. Cutlery dispensers may be placed on counters, wall / stand mounted.

Wooden cutlery dispensers are perfect for: self service areas, food kiosks, food courts, stadiums and take away restaurants.

Paper Cutlery

Available in 2 lengths, our range of white paper cutlery is made from sustainable FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified sources. Each piece is strong with a smooth texture, for a comfortable eating experience.  We can also offer hygienically wrapped paper cutlery and custom printed paper cutlery. Specialist disposable cutlery items, such as sporks, forks with a serrated edge and short spoons are also available by special request. Read more about the special options available.  

Bagasse Cutlery

Bagasse knives, forks and spoons, are a new sustainable alternative to plastic single-use cutlery.  Made from bagasse, non-wood fibres – from sources such as sugarcane.

Natural bagasse cutlery is strong and sturdy – with the fork having strong tines, the knife a serrated blade, and all three items having a reinforced handle. Free from PFAS forever chemicals (learn more).

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EcoTensil® EcoTaster

EcoTensil sampling spoons are sourced from FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified paperboard. Easy to use, lightweight and spacesaving. EcoTaster “Mini” is the perfect size to use with sample cups or to directly serve small bites of food. The larger “Mid” spoon gives a more satisfying bite. Bamboo Dispensers available seperately.

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More information

Compostable Wooden Cutlery

 Our wooden cutlery has been carefully sourced from high quality sustainable sources and is covered by the FSC® certification for forestry standards. 

Benefits of Wooden Cutlery

  • Eco-friendly: wood makes sustainable products. Wooden cutlery provide environmental, social, economical, and health benefits for the planet and the things in it.
  • Safer: Unlike metals, ceramics, and plastic cutlery, wooden cutlery is safer as it has no sharp edges.
  • Stylish: Make a statement showing you care for the environment when you see wooden cutlery on people’s dining tables.
  • Less Guilt: No guilt as disposable wooden cutlery is not hurting the planet. With wooden cutlery, you can dispose easily because they are both compostable and biodegradable.
  • After Use: If you don’t want to throw your wooden cutlery away, you can always donate them for recycling or use them to make compost for your garden.

 Features of  Wooden Cutlery

Disposable Wooden Cutlery