What are PFAS forever chemicals?

PFAS forever chemicals

PFAS (Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances) were originally engineered in the 1940s as a means of adding stain-, water- and grease-repellent properties to a surface or material, as well as creating non-stick capabilities in products such as:


  • Fast food packaging (food boxes, pizza boxes)
  • Dental Floss and cosmetic products
  • Non-stick pots and pans
  • Firefighting foam
  • Pesticides
  • Paint
  • Stain and water repellent clothing
  • Ski, snowboard and surfboard waxes
  • Carpets
Enviroware leaf2 soup container

PFAS problem

PFAS “forever chemicals” do not exist in nature, therefore they will not degrade naturally, taking a long time to break down in the environment or human body. As the name suggests, maybe forever!  

PFAS contaminated soil and its run-off can leach into water sources, including rivers, streams, reservoirs (drinking water) and the sea (food source). The chemical can also be transferred through food crops grown in contaminated soil or compost.  PFAS will then infiltrate the body through consumption of contaminated food or water. 

There are concerns that in areas with excessive pollution from PFAS, it may lead to increased cases of cancer, infertility, thyroid disease and other health problems (www.atsdr.cdc.gov/pfas/health-effects/index.html).

Hitting the headlines

Recently, many stories about concerns over PFAS have been reported by the UK media. The Guardian has been at the forefront, reporting in November 2023 that PFAS chemicals were “detected in sources at 17 of England’s 18 water firms” read more. Other reports relate to skiers leaving traces of PFAS on slopes in Austrian ski resorts, risks of increases in ovarian cancer, and the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) calling for the UK government to cut limits on levels of PFAS in drinking water

On 4th March 2024, European Parliament announced details on a provisional agreement to revamp its rules to reduce, reuse and recycle packaging. The new measures aim to make packaging used in the EU safer and more sustainable.  The agreement will also secure the introduction of a ban on the use of PFAS in food contact packaging.

In February 2024, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that grease-proofing materials containing PFAS have now been phased out of food packaging across the US.

Also, in January of this year, New Zealand announced that it would ban the manufacture and import of cosmetics containing PFAS from 2026.

EnviroWare® PFAS free packaging

EnviroWare® branded bagasse hinged food boxes, food trays, dinnerware and cutlery have undergone extensive SGS testing, resulting in no traces of PFAS chemicals found present.

A selection of these products have also been assessed and certified as home compostable by the “OK Compost Home” scheme through TÜV Austria. 

The ability to Home Compost EnviroWare® hinged boxes, trays and dinnerware enhances its eco-credentials massively.  Home Composting is a great way to reduce waste going to landfill, whilst also helping to produce nutrient rich compost which gardeners can use to improve their soil.     


Bagasse Packaging:

free from

PFAS forever chemicals

Enviroware hinged food boxes for takeaway burgers and chips

Bagasse Hinged Food Boxes

Ideal for takeaway fast foods and available in a variety of sizes.  From small and large burger boxes to extra long fish and chip boxes and 3 compartment food boxes for full meals.   

Bagasse compostable food tray white for takeaways

Bagasse Food Trays / Chip Trays

Available in 4 sizes to suit different foods and serving amounts.  Bagasse food trays are perfect for street foods and food sold at events.

Enviroware compostable bagasse rectangular food containers and lids for curry and chinese takeaway

Bagasse Food Containers with PP lids

Choose from shallow 500ml or deep 650ml bagasse food containers with one size PP recyclable plastic lid to fit both.  

Enviroware bagasse compostable plate

Bagasse Dinnerware

Plates, platters and bowls in round, square and oval styles. A sturdy alternative to paper disposables.

Bagasse Cutlery disposable knife, fork, spoon

Bagasse Cutlery

Bagasse knives, forks, and spoons are a strong and sturdy replacement for plastic cutlery. The extended range includes a ramen spoon and 4-in-1 mealkit comprising a knife, fork, spoon and napkin.

It’s essential that we lead the conversation on responsible use and disposal.
Christmas Paper Cups

Christmas Paper Cups

Christmas paper cups from EnviroWare by Celebration Packaging Ltd. Dipsoable double wall paper cups in 8oz and 12oz sizes for takeaway coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Choose from green or red designs with a white Christmas pattern.

Enviroware takeaway clamshells and trays are now PFAS-free

Enviroware takeaway clamshells and trays are now PFAS-free

EnviroWare® takeaway clamshells and trays are now PFAS-freeCelebration Packaging is pleased to be able to confirm, that our range of white bagasse takeaway clamshells, dinnerware and chip trays are TÜV Home Compostable certified and are SGS certified as PFAS-free.What...

Bamboo Fibre Cups

Bamboo Fibre Cups

Celebration Packaging’s sustainable bamboo fibre cups now certified 100% recyclable“When we launched these cups made from bamboo fibre, I was proud to say that they are our most sustainable hot drink cups yet. Now we have certification to prove that they are 100%...

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