Food & Drink packaging made from
natural, sustainable & renewable resources

About Enviroware®

Celebration launched the EnviroWare® range in 2007 as a solution for customers wanting sustainable takeaway packaging.

EnviroWare® food & drink packaging is made from natural raw materials.  Once the packaging has been used, can be commercially composted (meeting the EN13432 composting standard).

Enviroware leaf2 soup container
Our Natural Materials

Plant Starch PLA

Manufactured by NatureWorks LLC, Ingeo PLA (Polylactic Acid) is a biopolymer derived entirely from plant resources. The polymer is made from the carbon found in simple plant sugars from abundant feedstocks such as corn. The end result is a PLA cup or piece of cutlery which performs comparatively to those made from traditional petrochemical based plastics.

Products include:

Enviroware Cold Drink Cups & Lids
Combination Pots
Food Containers & Lids
Portion Pots & Lids

CPLA (Crystallised form of PLA)

A heat tolerant version of PLA with temperatures tolerances up to 90°C

Products include :

Enviroware Cutlery
Lids for Paper Hot Drink Cups


Bagasse is made from natural non-wood fibres, deriving from fast growing plants such as sugarcane.

Products include:

Plates, Platters, Bowls & Trays
Compostable Food Boxes
Portion Pots
8floz Drink Cups


Paper is a versatile material and especially appealing when it comes from sustainable FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified sources. We now have a wide range of paper products in white or kraft colours.

Products include:

Paper Hot Drink Cups with PLA lining
Paper Food Containers
Kraft Paper Food Trays
Paper Portion Pots
Paper Cutlery
EcoTensil® EcoTaster Spoons
Paper Straws


Celebration are FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified and we ensure our wooden products are sourced from sustainable sources.

Products include:

Wooden Cutlery (including wrapped options)
Baking Moulds
Drinks Stirrers

Palm Leaves

Produced in India, Palm Leaf plates and platters are made from discarded leaves from the Adaka nut palm. The leaves are collected, cleaned and then mechanically pressed into a mould at 120°C; no additional treatments are required. Each individual item has its own unique pattern and structure.

Products include:

Plates & Platters

Our Environment

Less fossil fuels

Oil is a finite resource, as such society is placing a greater importance on moving away from a dependency on oil based packaging. EnviroWare® foodservice disposables help to meet this need…
The cycle starts again, with compost from spent Enviroware® products used to grow new raw materials.


EnviroWare® is designed to be commercially composted along with food waste and residue, where possible. It is especially suited for use on sites operating a closed-loop for their waste management – including festivals, events and universities.

Find a composter

We have conducted extensive research to locate all UK commercial composting sites currently able to process EnviroWare®.

Please email to request support in finding a composter.

It’s essential that we lead the conversation on responsible use and disposal.
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