Get ready for summer trading with Celebrations Disposable Cups with Lids

Our clear disposable cups for cold drinks and smoothies are available in 7oz, 9oz, 12oz and 16oz sizes. 


What materials are used to make disposable cups?

Material options are plant starch PLA (polylactic acid) or recycled rPET plastic.  EnviroWare® PLA cups and lids are natural, sustainable and commercially compostable. Our SolutionWare clear plastic cups and lids are made from recycled plastic (rPET) with a minimum of 80% recycled content – empty, clean cups and lids can be further recycled after use.


Types of lids for disposable cold drink cups

A wide variety of lids are available for both PLA and rPET cold cups.  Choose from flat lids with or without straw slots.  Also bubble domed lids, with or without a hole or straw slot. 

Lids with holes or straw-slots (cross cut in centre of the lid) are great for takeaway smoothies or milk shakes. Combine these lids with EnviroWare® paper drinking straws in 7.75″ length for smaller cold cups and 9″ length straws for large cold cups – these straws are a jumbo 8mm diameter, suitable for thicker drinks, such as shakes, slushes and smoothies. 

EnviroWare® 76mm Diameter PLA Cold Cups

Our smallest PLA compostable disposable cups with lids.

EnviroWare® 96mm Diameter PLA Cold Cups

Our regular and large PLA compostable disposable cups with lids.

Solutionware Plastic Food & Drink Packaging by Celebration Packaging

SolutionWare Recycled Plastic Cold Cups

Clear disposable plastic cups and lids made from rPET