ISO 14001 Certification renewal

ISO 14001 Certification renewal

Celebration is pleased to announce that our ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management has been renewed to the latest standards.

Celebration aims to reduce the business’s environmental impact as much as possible. Our efforts include sustainable sourcing, energy reduction, and onsite recycling.   

Reducing Energy

Various measures have been taken to reduce energy (electricity) usage.  Lighting has been upgraded with efficient LED fittings throughout the premises.  Areas of the building have been fitted with automated lighting.  In the factory, auto switch-off units have been installed on printing machines.

 Reducing Waste

Waste collection stations for paper, plastic and other mixed materials are sited throughout the premises. Since the waste collection stations were installed, it’s estimated that our waste to landfill has reduced by 75%.

In the factory, our waste ‘inky water’ from coaster and napkins production is sent for recycling. The waste flexo inks from printing tray liners and disposable bibs are sent to be reworked into black ink.

We have also improved the efficiency of our coaster production through new cutter designs, reducing tissue waste to a bare minimum.


PrintPac table top products

PrintPac table top products

 New local restriction tiers come into effect in England from Wednesday 2 December 2020.  Restaurants and cafes in tiers 1 and 2 will once again welcome customers to dine-in.  Food Service businesses in tier 3 will unfortunately need to wait a little longer.   

 As dining-in is given the green light, business owners will be asked to ensure that staff & diners are practising social distancing and using the track & trace system to monitor cases of covid 19.  Table service is now a thing of the norm, whilst mobile apps and online menus are a popular contract free way of ordering food.  There is so much information to communicate to diners. 

 PrintPac  disposable paper placemats, drinks coasters & glass covers could be the perfect answer.    

Disposable Placemats, Tray Liners and Desk Liners

Place mats have dual purpose.  They are usually the first thing a diner will notice when they sit down at their table – therefore the perfect place to present key information.

This could be a reminder to wear a mask if leaving the table, instructions on how to access an online menu, or even having the menu printed directly on place mats to avoid reusable menus. Whatever message you decide,  they also protect the table from stray food and drink.  Desk liners are also becoming popular in offices that use hot-desking.

We offer various materials including economic papers and absorbent papers.  We can produce many different shapes and sizes – there really is no standard as each design is specific to the customer.

Print runs start from just 1,000 pieces.  Please contact us on 01283 538259 to discuss your requirements. View our Placemat & Tray Liner range.

250gsm Card Glass Covers

Enhanced hygiene practices and the concept of protecting food / drink, will remain with us for a long time. Celebrations card glass covers help to keep pre-served drinks fresh and hygienic.  

They can be used in a number of settings, including care homes, hospitals, spas or outdoor dining.

We offer a wide range of sizes, covering most types of glassware.   Available in plain white as a purely functional item or custom printed with branding or a message.

View our custom printed Glass Cover range.  

Cutlery Bags

An innovative, convenient and hygienic way of presenting a set of cutlery.
Unpackaged cutlery that can be accessed by everyone is now a thing of the past. The cutlery bag is the ideal protection for clean, hygienic cutlery.  Ideal for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, care homes and canteens.  The stock design is available in white or kraft brown.

View our Cutlery Bag range.


Drinks Coasters

Our Burton-on-Trent factory has been printing coasters since it opened in ‘1983​. We offer different materials, shapes, sizes and printing techniques such as pantone matched inks and shiny hot foil. ​

Drinks coasters are a great way of getting your brand and messages in front of a seated customer. We’ve printed many thousands of coaster designs over the years.  In these uncertain times, coasters can be used to display short messages or even inspirational quotes to help brighten your customers day.​

View our Printed Coaster range. 

Packaging for winter foods-to-go

Packaging for winter foods-to-go

Colder weather is setting in, our hats, gloves and scarves are brought out once more and eating habits change as we seek out warming, comforting foods.  Piping hot soups and hearty stews are back on the menu and could be more popular than ever, as due to covid restrictions many of us will be spending more time outdoors with family and friends. 

Celebration offers many types of takeaway round paper food container –  commercially compostable containers from the EnviroWare® range and PE plastic lined containers from the SolutionWare range.  Lids are available for all sizes of container, some supplied separately or as part of  a convenient combination box containing equal numbers of containers and lids.

For customers wanting branded packaging – we also offer custom printing on many of these food container ranges.  Please contact our sales office on 01283 538259 to discuss your requirements further or email

Top score in BRCGS audit!

Top score in BRCGS audit!

Celebration has recently undergone its annual BRCGS audit for Storage and Distribution.

The intensive 1-2 day audit process involves an independent auditor coming onsite to evaluate our production and warehousing operations. As a result, we are pleased to announce that we have received “AA” certification – the highest score possible from a scheduled BRCGS audit!


BRCGS Storage and Distribution logo

What is the BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standard for Storage and Distribution?

“The Global Standard for Storage and Distribution reflects best practice and facilitates a process of continual improvement through well-designed risk-based product safety management systems. It ensures the quality and safety of products during their storage and distribution throughout the supply chain.” source,

Celebrations certification pertains specifically to the storage and wholesale of food packaging, paper packaging and disposable dinnerware.

Celebrations certified quality management system

At Celebration, we are proud to offer high quality products and give our customers great service.  To achieve this we are regularly audited to ensure we maintain high standards.  We are accredited with the following:  BRC Consumer Products, BRCGS Storage and Distribution, ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.