Alternatives to disposable plastic cutlery

Alternatives to disposable plastic cutlery

Single use plastics ban

Single-use plastic items were banned in Scotland last June, and in September the Welsh Government announced the Environmental Protection – Single-use Plastic Products – Wales Bill. On 14th January, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) announced that a range of single-use plastics will be banned in England, from October 2023.

The ban in England covers items including single-use plastic plates, trays, bowls, cutlery, balloon sticks and certain types of polystyrene cups and food containers.

It also applies to items made from bio-based, biodegradable or compostable plastic (PLA).

Disposable Plastic Cutlery

Alternatives to plastic cutlery

In today’s fast-paced world, the food to go market is growing. Trends such as Streetfoods are increasing in popularity, a UK market worth over £600 million and growing by 20% per year, according to industry organisation British Street Food (

Cutlery is often essential when eating a meal on the go. Wooden cutlery (chip forks) have been commonplace in fish & chip takeaways for many years. And most recently brands such as McDonalds have rolled out paper cutlery as an alternative to disposable plastic forks.

At Celebration Packaging we offer disposable cutlery in various materials, to beat the plastics ban.

Paper Cutlery

EnviroWare® Paper Cutlery is sourced from sustainable trees. The range includes paper knives, forks and spoons in standard (large) and shorter (small) lengths.

Paper cutlery is certified according to FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) standards. Paper cutlery is smooth and surprisingly sturdy, with the large knife, fork and spoon having a reinforced handle for additional strength.

Paper cutlery alternative to plastic cutlery

Bagasse Cutlery (moulded fibre)

Consumers may already be familiar with Bagasse moulded fibre takeaway boxes. Many streetfood vendors across the UK have now switched to bagasse boxes and food trays to serve their food, in an effort to move away from traditional foam takeaway packaging. Celebration Packaging, have recently introduced Bagasse disposable knives, forks and spoons.

Bagasse is a by-product from processing sugarcane into edible sugar. This tree-free, fast-growing resource is abundant – approximately 1.8 billion tons of sugarcane was processed in 2020! (, sugar cane production worldwide). 

Bagasse Cutlery disposable knife, fork, spoon

Wooden Cutlery

Our quality disposable wooden cutlery range includes knives, forks and spoons made from sustainable FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified wood.

Standard and medium length wooden knives, forks and spoons are available. Along with specialist items including wooden ice cream spades and wooden chip forks

Wooden Cutlery Knives, Forks and Spoons

Wrapped Wooden Cutlery

Developed during the Covid pandemic, our range of individually wrapped wooden cutlery promotes optimum hygiene practices.

Tear open the plastic-free, paper wrapper, for a fresh, untouched item of cutlery.

Individually wrapped cutlery items include knives, forks, spoons and small dessert or tea spoons. Also available, 4-in-1 wrapped meal kits – each containing a wooden knife, fork, spoon and napkin.

Close up of wrapped wooden fork
Wooden Knife Hygienically Wrapped In Paper

Wrapped Wooden Knife

Wooden Fork Hygienically Wrapped In Paper

Wrapped Wooden Fork

wrapped wooden spoons

Wrapped Wooden Spoon

Wrapped wooden meal kits disposable wooden cutlery mealkit in hygienic paper wrapper

Wrapped Wooden Meal Kit

Resurgence in popularity of paper products

Resurgence in popularity of paper products

Disposable Paper Products

Celebrations hygienic paper products are featured in Sustainable Packaging News

Our Managing Director, Nick Burton, quoted that “The pandemic has heightened awareness around hygiene and safety and as a result, we have seen a resurgence in the popularity of paper products and individually wrapped items.”

Hygienic white card glass covers and single-use paper cutlery sleeves have been very popular with food and drink operators since they reopened after the first lockdown.   

Card Glass Covers

Our card glass covers are perfect for protecting drinks from contaminents and spillage. 

Made from thick 250gsm card. Glass covers are available in a wide range sizes from a small 45mm diameter, for champagne glasses, to a our largest 105mm diameter which could be used to cover small bowls of food.  

Choose from white card or kraft brown unbleached card. We hold stock of many sizes in plain white.  The hygienic glass covers can be branded – with ink printed logos, full furface printing and luxury hot foil printing being available. 

Past customers have including hotels, restaurants, drinks brands, golf clubs and private healthcare.  

wine glass covers

Cutlery Sleeves

A neat and innovative way to present diners with cutlery.  Paper cutlery sleeves come pre-loaded with a tissue napkin, simply load with a knife and fork.  A time saving alternative to wrapping cutlery in a disposable napkin.  

Single-use cutlery sleeves are available in a number of standard / generic designs.  They can also be branded with a full colour process design. 

Paper eating kit cutlery sleeve

Celebration launches disposable paper cutlery retail packs

Celebration launches disposable paper cutlery retail packs

Celebration Packaging has launched its proven disposable and fully recyclable paper cutlery range in convenient retail packs.

“We’ve been supplying our award-winning disposable paper cutlery to the foodservice and takeaway sectors for quite some time, but we are now making the products available to the general public through retail channels,” says Celebration Packaging Managing Director Nick Burton. “Packs of paper knives, forks and spoons are already on-shelf with a leading retailer in Norway, and will soon be available here in the UK.”

Available in convenient packs of 20 knives, forks or spoons. Celebration Packaging’s recyclable EnviroWare® paper cutlery is made from paper produced from sustainable forestry and has full FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) chain of custody accreditations.  Celebration Packaging is BRCGS (Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards) certified, and the sustainable paper cutlery has been vigorously tested to meet relevant EU regulations, and is free from Bisphenol A.

The outer packaging is own-label branded to fit in with retailer’s existing retail homeware and picnic ranges, and enables consumers to see at a glance that the cutlery is environmentally friendly.

“In the foodservice and takeaway sectors, we’re seen as the paper cutlery experts,” says Nick. “Immediately after launching the range in 2019, we won an award in the Innovation Challenge at the lunch! show at ExCel, London. The judging panel said: ‘The EnviroWare® paper cutlery is a real contender for the future of foodservice cutlery’. We are excited to now make these sustainable products available through retail channels.”

Celebration Packaging’s recyclable EnviroWare® paper cutlery is now available in retail packs of 20 knives, forks or spoons, and can be own-label branded.

An alternative to plastic cutlery

In Europe, a ban on the sale of single-use plastic cutlery comes into force on 3 July. In the UK, while a ban on the supply or sale of single-use plastic straws and cotton buds came into effect last October, the banning of other single-use plastic items is still being debated.

“Disposable, but fully recyclable paper cutlery provides a perfect solution for consumers wanting to play their part in reducing single-use plastic packaging,” says Nick. “Many people think the focus on sustainability is something new and are then surprised to discover that we launched our EnviroWare® range over 13 years ago.”

Hygienically Wrapped Paper Straws

Hygienically Wrapped Paper Straws

Following the success of EnviroWare’s® Wrapped Wooden Cutlery range last year, we are expanding our range of hygienically wrapped foodservice disposables.

Celebration has recently invested in the installation of a new Wrapping Machine. As a result, a new range of Individually Wrapped Paper Straws is now available.

Individually wrapped paper straws in white paper wrapper






  Selection of Enviroware® Individually wrapped paper drinking straws.

About EnviroWare® Wrapped Paper Straws

Sustainable FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) paper straws and their white paper wrappers are free from any coating or wax, making them recyclable. Furthermore, Paper straws are Din Certco Seedling certified (7P0818) as being commercially compostable. Made from high-quality, thick gauge paper, these sturdy straws will not collapse or go soggy in drinks. Also, the drinking straws are Vegetarian Society approved!

Straw types

The stock range of wrapped paper straws will include standard length straws and jumbo straws. Colours include – black, white and red & white stripe.

Code Description Dimensions Packaging
PSB19764WRWP 197mm Standard Wrapped Paper Straw – Black 6mm dia x 197mm long 250 bag x 16
PSB23083WRWP 230mm Jumbo Wrapped Paper Straw – Black 8mm dia x 230mm long 100 bag x 10
PSST19764WRWP 197mm Standard Wrapped Paper Straw – Red & White Stripe 6mm dia x 197mm long 250 bag x 16
PSST23083WRWP 230mm Jumbo Wrapped Paper Straw – Red & White Stripe 8mm dia x 230mm long 100 bag x 10
PSW19764WRWP 197mm Standard Wrapped Paper Straw – White 6mm dia x 197mm long 250 bag x 16
PSW23083WRWP 230mm Jumbo Wrapped Paper Straw – White 8mm dia x 230mm long 100 bag x 10

wrapped paper straw selection in white paper wrappers

McDonalds switch to wooden cutlery

McDonalds switch to wooden cutlery

Here, at Celebration, we are passionate about making wooden cutlery the new go-to option in disposable cutlery. A real contender to replace traditional plastic cutlery. Its production generally uses less energy compared with other forms of disposable cutlery.

We are pleased to learn that McDonald’s Australia is committed to replacing their plastic cutlery offering with wooden items. Read more about it here

Celebration’s own, EnviroWare® branded wooden cutlery is carefully sourced. Made from natural Birch Wood that is fully sustainable and FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified. Made using 100% natural wood – there are no coatings, wax, or chemicals added. This means the wooden cutlery is fully biodegradable and commercially compostable.

EnviroWare® Disposable Wooden Cutlery

Our standard, off-the-shelf wooden cutlery range includes wooden knives, wooden forks, and wooden spoons. These are available in standard or medium lengths.  Specialist cutlery is available, including wooden ice cream spades and wooden chip forks. Practical to use, each piece of wooden cutlery is strong and most importantly smooth. Wooden knives have serrated edges, enabling them to cut through foods more easily.

Hygienically Wrapped Cutlery

Promoting good hygiene in food-service is paramount. For this reason, Celebration has introduced individually wrapped knives, forks, and spoons. Sealed in a plastic-free, paper wrapper. 4-in-1 wrapped wooden meal kits are also available as a stock item.

You can view the full range of EnviroWare® compostable cutlery range by clicking on the following link:


Paper Cutlery By EnviroWare

Paper Cutlery By EnviroWare

Paper Cutlery – a sustainale alternative to single use plastic cutlery

We have received lots of new interest in our EnviroWare® paper cutlery ranges recently.

This is no surprise, as pressures for a ban on single use plastics including plastic continue. 

Paper cutlery makes a great alternative to plastic and wooden cutlery.  Not only is it strong, smooth and functional; EnviroWare® disposable paper cutlery is made from sustainable paper which is FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified. 

Our standard range includes paper knives, paper forks and paper spoons.  All are available to buy in cases of 1,000 pieces. We offer two lengths, large or small. 

Order your paper cutlery free samples or contact us for pricing and further information on 01283 538259 or email 

Paper cutlery alternative to plastic cutlery

Hygienically wrapped cutlery

Now more than ever, good hygiene is paramount. Celebration can supply individually wrapped paper cutlery to protect it from contaminants.  Perfect for serving takeaway food to be eaten on the go. 

This option is by special order only, so please contact us with the details of your enquiry.

Custom printed disposable cutlery

We are able to print a simple 1 or 2 colour logo onto the handles of paper knives, forks and spoons. 

Contact us for up-to-date details on minimum order quantities, pricing and production lead times.  

Paper sporks and paper cutlery for food companies

We can now offer specialist paper cutlery in many different styles – items include sporks, forks with a serrated edge, small spoons and canape forks.  There are many options for food processers wanting to include an item of cutlery inside a meal pack.  Another special option is natural brown unbleached paper cutlery – for the optimum eco-friendly feel.  

White Serated Fork 128mm

Kraft Serated Fork 128mm

White Canape Fork 90mm

White Spoon 129mm

White Spoon 117mm

White Spoon 112mm